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Jew-ish Game.

Double the chutzpah, double the fun. Match Jewish themed question and answers for the best combos. Aren't you the funniest of your friends?
The Chosen One Game
The Chosen One Game
The Chosen One Game
The Chosen One Game
The Chosen One Game
The Chosen One Game
The Chosen One Game
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418 Cards In The Set!

  • Funny-ish Jewish cards
  • Great for playing with friends and family
  • Show off how funny you are
  • Get that girl you always wanted
  • Make your mother happy
  • 10% of profits to Jewish charity
  • It would make us really happy (and by happy we mean rich!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great game, so much fun

Serious fun with the family on the holidays

Shabbat game

Love playing the chosen one after shabbat with friends. keeps the night going.

Even better after a few drinks

Hilarious reactions

I ordered 2 copies of thechosenone yesterday and within less than 24 hours they arrived at my house. Very funny. I've played cards against humanity and like that game. Its the reactions of the players to each other unexpectedly saying things that are outrageous that is is so funny!
I'll try to play the game with people from my synagogue (Solel, the only synagogue in Mississauga)

Pretty darn funny

I bought this game recently to play with family. Figured it would be worth a try and it was.

Just like cards against humanity but Jewish and hilarious.

We continue to play, would recommend for sure

Funniest game I’ve played in a while

The title says it all. We had a blast just reading through the cards before playing, and we’re thoroughly entertained throughout a few games. This is a perfect game for old friends or as an ice breaker and is sure to be a hit in those Hanukkah gift bags =)

Pro tip: when you’re feeling kinda done but still want to liven up the party start playing charades with the blue cards!

Laugh Together

With 5,000 years of history, we had plenty of material to work with. Your Rabbi, Bubbie and Mother aren't safe in this game.

The perfect game for friends and family (especially when the boring side comes over).

The Chosen One is perfect for


Pull this game out on Friday night and laugh with friends and family. Best played after Zaidy falls asleep on the couch.


The hottest Sedar gift on the market. The jokes get even better after the 5th cup of wine. Not suitable for Eliyahu.


Not sure what to buy your Jew and Jew-ish friend? Hannukah coming up? The perfect gift for that 'funny' friend.

The Gift That Gives